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Web 2.0 enhanced websites

Version 2.0 of the web is the latest trend in websites, and for good reason. Instead of previous trends such as confusing your customers with flashy and annoying animations, Web2.0 technology provides some important improvements for your business. The biggest one is a faster response for your busy customers. A faster response means they will have a better experience and are more likely to stay on your website and the longer they stay on your website, the more likely they are to do business with you. The importance of keeping visitors cannot be overstated, and should be your primary goal. Web2.0 technology also provides a better user experience overall, with the same benefits already mentioned.

High level of reliability

Have you ever visited a website that fails to load a page properly or worse – not at all? I can’t tell you how many defective websites I encounter, often on a daily basis. Many of these websites have been built by professionals, and many even by a large corporation. We pride ourselves in providing reliable code that will ensure that your customers don’t experience this embarassing problem that can often result in a loss of business.

Solid Design

Many website designers try to be fancy and flashy, thinking such techniques will garner more attention. They may get attention, but not the right kind. You do not want “attention” per se for your website. You don’t want your visitors to be annoyed. You also don’t want your visitors to be confused. You want a simple, effective, easy to navigate design. That way your visitors will have a pleasant experience and be able to easily find what they want.

Self-editing Website

Have you had websites created for you before, and of course you wanted to make changes later? Which for most means going back to the developer and asking for those changes, often having to pony up more money. Wouldn’t you rather be able to make those simple changes yourself? What if you want to change some of your pictures? Or your contact information? What if you want your website to be updated frequently so that you get better search engine hits and repeat visitors? Normally, all of these changes require either a full-time webmaster or else extra expense for those changes.

When we create your website, we build it upon the rock solid WordPress foundation. This free and open source software, provides you a password protected backend which permits you to make changes to any of your pages. You can even add and delete pages. You can upload new pictures, change page styles, and even setup and choose themes for your website. Except for any custom coding, you can change virtually anything on your website by yourself or a webmaster you appoint. It is easy, and this feature is included for free with every website.


There are many ways to monetize or generate income from your site. The most complex of these methods is to provide an online shopping cart. We take the complexity out for you. We can provide you a robust industry standard shopping cart built upon the popular open source ZenCart. For low cost, you can have your own shopping cart without either hassle or a big expense. Most shopping cart solutions either cast thousands of dollars for custom programming or large monthly fees for hosted solutions such as Yahoo.

E-commerce is not simple. That is why it costs so much. We take the hassle and expense out of the picture you can be up and running right away for low cost.

Custom Programming

Unlike many web designers, we also offer custom programming. While we provide many rich features that require programming with all websites at no extra cost, sometimes businesses require specialized programming such as calculators or other dynamic features. There is nothing we can’t do for you, and the prices for our service is much lower than our competition. While custom programming is not cheap, we can often provide what your business needs without breaking the bank.

E-Commerce Consulting

Besides our simplifying products and services, we also offer low cost consulting services to get your business started on the right foot. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on SEO (search engine optimization) companies. We can help you to effectively draw traffic without a lot of expense.