Business Optimization

Analyzing your business is where we begin. We sit down and discuss with you and your staff to understand exactly what your needs are and how your workflow can be optimized. After our analysis is complete, we compile what we have learned and present a plan of action to you. This plan of action may include such things as: improving your web presence, increasing your outreach, and reducing or eliminating office workload. After presenting the action plan, you decide exactly what you would like to implement.

Website Design

Most small business and professional websites are out of date, incomplete, confusing, use static html pages (which means you can’t edit them yourself), and are poorly optimized to generate traffic and conversion to customers/clients.

We can fix all these problems. Our service not only provides custom web design, but also creating a website that effectively communicates your message to your prospects. Communication and presentation are both key attributes to an effective website. We provide both.

Website Updates

In addition to website design and creation, instead of statically coded web pages, we use the popular CMS platform WordPress. This platform allows you or your staff to easily edit any portion of your website. Therefore, your website can easily be maintained and kept up to date for years to come.

By keeping your site up to date you will increase traffic to your site which leads to increased business. By being able to add timely content such as articles and blog posts, you keep up your communication with your customers/clients and also draw in new ones.

Office Optimization

We offer a special service to reduce your office workload – something no one else provides. In one particular case, we were able to reduce a client’s office staff by 80% by automating his office process. While we may not be able to achieve as stellar reductions for you, even a mere 10 to 20% reduction in office workload through automation will make your staff happier and save you money.



We also offer shopping cart solutions for your website. Normally, getting a shopping cart up and running is no simple matter. We handle the complexity for you so you can concentrate on running your business. Even if you don’t think you have any products or services suitable for online sales, during our analysis, we may be able to find ways in which you can create some, thus increasing your sales and more importantly your profits.

Custom Programming

In addition to our office optimization services, we provide custom programming for any task you desire.

Web Hosting

Most web hosting services are extremely slow. To remedy this situation, we created our own. We use state of the art cloud data centers that provide 99.9% uptimes or better. Hosted on your service, your website will be fast and reliable.


We have extensive programming and business experience. Let us help you to get your business off and running.